Thursday, June 4, 2015

JFJ 15 for 30 Challenge - Day 4: Words

Words are an integral part of the journaling process. So, let’s focus on using some words today. We can just start writing about what’s on our minds or how we’re feeling, or we can pick a single word to draw and reflect on. Just don’t overthink it. Start adding words. If you can’t think of your own, add a favorite quote, poem, or song lyric.

For fifteen minutes add some words to you work. Write, draw, or collage the words. Use pen, marker, pencil, or paint. Use your normal handwriting or write in a fancy script. Afraid to write directly on your pages or your art? Write on a separate piece of paper to add in later. Just get some words on the paper.

Don’t forget to share some of your results. If your writing is too personal, snap a photo of a small part of it. We don’t need to read your intimate details if you don’t want. Don’t forget to put that hashtag on it so we can find you! #jfj15for30

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