Tuesday, June 16, 2015

JFJ 15 for 30 Challenge - Day 16: Observational Drawing

Observational drawing is just as at home in the visual journal as it is in the traditional sketchbook and can be a great way to capture our surroundings. By closely looking at objects and our environments, we can gain inspiration and we can begin to document where we are. We often find interesting patterns as well as ordinary objects to draw as we take in what surrounds us. We may simplify what we see or we may draw it in all of its complexity.

For today, focus at least 15 minutes on looking closely at actual objects around you and drawing what you see. Try to avoid drawing from photographs, and look around your immediate surroundings. Draw a house plant sitting in the corner, the tv remote control, or your keys. Draw the remains of breakfast or lunch, or draw a chair in the room. You may want to draw with a pen so you’re not tempted to erase and start over multiple times. You may also want to think about drawing blind contour drawings as a way to loosen up. Whatever you draw, closely observe the object or scene and draw what you see. Don’t judge or criticize yourself. Just draw.

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