Thursday, June 18, 2015

JFJ 15 for 30 Challenge - Day 18: Shading and Depth

Instead of simply filling or “coloring” in a space, we often use shading and value change to give a space some dimension and depth. Shading around words and shapes allows them to “pop” out from the page, and they can seem to float above the surface. We can also make areas seem like they go into a page, and of course, shading can make our drawings and paintings seem more three-dimensional.

Focus at least fifteen minutes on shading and creating value changes on your pages. Use graphite, colored pencil, or ink. Remember with ink, it’s not about how hard you press, but how much empty space you leave between your marks. Drawing materials can keep you plenty busy, but you may want to try creating value changes with paint as well. Experiment with making things pop out and sink into the page.

Share on those social media sites, and don’t forget that hashtag. #jfj15for30.


Unknown said...

The shading adds so much to the work!

Eric said...

Teri, Shading is a great wat to create depth and visual interest on our pages.