Wednesday, June 17, 2015

JFJ 15 for 30 Challenge - Day 17: Painting with Markers

We sometimes shy away from certain materials, especially ones that we think as children’s art materials, but there is a lot to explore even with these “kids art” supplies. Water-based markers such as Crayola and Prang, are great for experimenting. We often use these markers with a brush and water to get painterly effects. Since the ink is water-based, it blends and bleeds when we brush water over it. Some of these markers are even labelled as watercolor markers.

For today, break out the “kids” markers, and don’t just color with them. Use them to paint. Color a little bit down and paint water over the ink. Let the ink blend, spread, and bleed. You can easily blend colors together to get effective color transitions, and you can create interesting textures by dripping water onto an area you have colored with marker. Experiment and play and see what happens.

Remember to share some of your results. #jfj15for30

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