Monday, June 15, 2015

JFJ 15 for 30 Challenge - Day 15: Spirals, Swirls, and Squiggles

If we want to create a lot of stability and predictability in our work we can use straight lines - primarily vertical and horizontal, but if we want to show a lot of movement and flow in our work, we can use curved lines. We can echo themes of growth and change by using spirals, swirls, and squiggles, and we can create exciting page layouts by dividing the space using these curvy lines.

For today, focus on including curvy lines - spirals, swirls, and squiggles. Bring contrast to pages that have a lot of straight lines and sharp corners. Draw repeated spirals as a way to create a pattern and fill a certain space. Cut squiggly lines from paper to glue them into your work or experiment with how these lines affect the layout of your pages. Explore a variety of ways to bring these curvy lines to you pages to create a sense of motion and excitement.

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