Friday, January 8, 2016

Text and More Layers

Slowly I have been adding to my pages with the crisscrossing text. (Check out this post to see how they began.) It's nothing earth shattering, but the accumulation of actions is building into something interesting. I recently added to both pages by creating black frames around square cutouts with ink. Placing a scrap of paper underneath kept the ink from getting onto the next page.

Next I glued in some raffle tickets that I've been holding onto since Art Unraveled since August. There was a big Saturday night event with Danny Gregory as guest speaker, and everyone got a raffle ticket. Prizes were given out, and at the end of the evening, there were raffle tickets left on nearly every table. I decided to gather up as many as I could. They have slowly made their way into quite a few pieces of art and quite a few journal pages. I like collecting fodder this way because of the stories and associations behind it. I could easily go out and buy a big roll of tickets like this, but they would have no meaning and no memories embedded in them.

I am enjoying seeing where this spread is going.


Jenny Petricek said...

Great ideas I'd like to try!

Eric said...

Working with text and writing as a graphic device is a great way to work in the journal.