Friday, January 29, 2016

Artistic Accomplices

Today was another snow day as the area continued to dig out from the blizzard that hit last week. Most roads are passable, and Dave was able to come down from Shepherdstown and hang out for the part of the day. It was like old times as we sat at the coffee table working in our journals.

When Dave first introduced me to the journal over 17 years ago, we used to get together on a regular basis and work in our journals figuring out techniques and media. So, it was very nice and nostalgic to sit for a few hours and make art together.

Having an accomplice all of these years has been a great motivator to make art. It's a gift having someone there to nudge, encourage, and inspire.


Jan said...

I long for an art friend and yet I'm a hermit. I'm also so used to creating alone and talking out loud to myself I don't think I could create with other humans present. And yet......I long for an art friend. I really liked this post and the picture. thank you

Eric said...

The great thing about having an artistic accomplice is the potential for growth. I, too, enjoy time alone creating, but when we have someone to talk to and share with occasionally, we have a chance to talk about our work and to then get feedback. It can also be easy to stagnate when we work exclusively by ourselves. Having someone to nudge us and inspire us and encourage us can help us when we feel stuck.

But we have to honor what feels right for us. I don't always have someone around when I make and create, but I do share. And I do like getting feedback about my art, but that's just me.

Jan said...

Ah yes, you make so much sense! I will ponder your thoughts. Thank you for responding.