Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Art as Discovery

If I'm not discovering something about myself through my art, what's the point of doing it?


Jenny Petricek said...

I say something very similar to myself whenever I think about taking the leap into selling my work. I worry a lot about getting stuck in a cycle of creating pieces that are too much alike, that isn't new or unique. I worry that my forward progress would just stop.

Eric said...

I always like to use smaller pieces to play around with ideas. They allow me to quickly try out variations and to experiment technique and composition. They also allow me to ponder meaning and figure out how the ideas fit into my line of inquiry. The pieces are similar and often very alike, but each is unique. That's ok. I just don't want to have a production line mentality and churn out nearly identical pieces.

Jenny Petricek said...

Sounds like a great approach! "Production line" is definitely what I want to avoid as well.