Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodbye, Portland!

Today is our last day in Portland. In a way it's a little sad, but it will be nice to get home. Travel is always fun and exciting, but it can be exhausting and taxing.

We taught two full-day classes Saturday and Sunday, and we were able to make it into the nearby Alberta neighborhood for lunch yesterday. We plan to go back today for breakfast before heading to the airport to catch the plane for the east coast.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach at Art and Soul. Our classes Saturday and Sunday were small, but that lead to a nice intimacy with the group. It was much easier to customize and individualize the experience for the students and build stronger connections. We spent Saturday's class exploring a variety of ways to work in the journal sharing materials and methods that we regularly use. On Sunday, we explored alternatives to the self-portrait as we looked at how line, shape, color, collage, and image transfers can be used to convey a sense of self and identity. The images below are from this workshop. The first image is the opening exercise, and the second image is of some of the results from the day-long class.

I am grateful to everyone who came out to take a class with us and who made the trip so special. It was such a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to coming back to Portland and to Art and Soul. If you missed us in Portland, we've got other workshops and classes coming up! I'll post more about these once I get back to Virginia.

Until next time, Goodbye, Portland!

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