Monday, March 14, 2016

Chestnut Creek Workshop

I spent the weekend in Galax, VA at the Chestnut Creek School of the Arts teaching two full-day, mixed media workshops. I had such a good time, and it was awesome to be surrounded by such good people and such good creative ju-ju.

Galax is a quaint place in south eastern Virginia near the North Carolina, and you wouldn't expect to find such a place as Chestnut Creek, but I am glad it's there. My two classes were small, but I had participants from near and far. David and I taught there a year ago, and we very much enjoyed it. I was happy to be invited back. Unfortunately, Dave could't make it, so it felt a little odd.

The workshops went extremely well, and time each day just flew. We didn't have a chance to get to everything that came up, but a good thing about small, intimate groups is the ability to adapt and change based on the whims of the students.

Both days looked like an art bomb had gone off in the room with materials, fodder, and journals strewn all over the place, and I had a chance to experiment, play, and journal along with the participants.

I even began a new journal - number 23. That's the first page above.

We had some journaling veterans and some newbies, but I think everyone got something out of the classes, and had a good time. That's Patti's pages above exploring some watercolor techniques and a tape transfer.

The first day was about opening to our creativity - about playing, experimenting, and exploring materials and ideas. The second day was about building layers. I shared a bunch a ideas and let everyone run with them. It was so gratifying to see how different everyone's work looked. I was able to develop a two-page spread in the new journal quite a bit (above).

A bonus of teaching at Chestnut Creek is being able to stay in The Cabin. This cabin, owned by board member Mary Guynn is a great place to stay, and definitely beats a motel. Although the weather was quite mild, I stoked up a fire both nights of my stay. It was very relaxing to sit and unwind by the fire.

I am very grateful to Penney for inviting me back, and I hope to teach more in the future. I am also very grateful for everyone who came out and spent time with me and shared their art and their stories. It was quite a magical time.

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