Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newton's First Law

A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest.

I have been out of balance lately - wildly swinging from place to place and mood to mood. I am overwhelmed feeling like I am drowning, as if my lack of balance has capsized me into a churning sea. Again and again, I have journaled about this drowning feeling and about the feeling of losing myself.

I have lost myself, and it is imperative that I stop the wildly swinging ride that is life before I swing out of control. I must find myself. I must bring myself back to center. But how do I do that?

I’ve been thinking about a structure that will allow me to focus on one small thing at a time so that I can build the sustainable habits that will transform my life. It’s a way to employ Newton’s first law in small, easily doable ways - ways to begin and sustain the motion. But what is that structure?

My first inclination was to focus on one aspect for about a month breaking down that aspect into smaller ideas, activities, and focused energy. But I don’t live like that, and besides, I'd get pretty bored of that. Life happens all at once, not in easily managed chunks. Any attempt at substantial change needs to address a variety of concerns. So, I want to focus on several important ideas each week, and find subtle ways to incorporate those ideas into my life. This would also give a nice variety to anyone who might want to journey with me.

I don’t mean to be cliche, but I haven’t thought of a better way to organize my thoughts, so I’m thinking about having four main areas for exploration: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Art. I want to try to answer the following questions as a means to find myself:

Mind: How am I pulled out of balance emotionally as I allow my thoughts and mental energies to disturb my peace of mind? How do I reconnect with myself and develop the presence that leads to greater joy?

Body: How am I pulled out of balance physically as I allow myself to be weighed down with unhealthy habits? How do I reconnect with my body and invite in health and lightness?

Spirit: How am I pulled out of balance spiritually as I allow my self-awareness to falter and forget who I am and what brings me most alive? How do I reconnect with my truest essence and share that with others?

Art: How am I pulled out of balance artistically as I allow so many distractions to interfere with the thing that is most fundamental to my core? How do I reconnect with my artmaking and express the important things?

My goal is to focus on these four areas in some manageable way each week and post about it in the hopes to inspire others. I hope that some of the things will be of value and will speak to others as they embark on their own journey. Who couldn’t benefit from more balance and reconnection to self?

Hopefully I can sustain the motion, and with the encouragement and nudging of others, I am optimistic that I can.

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