Monday, May 7, 2012

Challenge #41: Hidden Spaces

Where are the spaces that you tuck away the secrets of your life?

We all hide various aspects of ourselves, and we squirrel away our secrets. Some of our hiding places are psychological like “in the back of our mind” or “deep in our hearts.” Some are physical, like a dresser drawer or an old shoebox. As difficult as it can be to enter these spaces and face the secrets, we must find the energy and will power to dig through the darkness that dwells there.

Find the gold buried that you have buried in these places, and leave what needs to be left behind. Identify your hiding places and hidden spaces so that you can examine the contents of your shadow. Are these safe spaces or dangerous spaces? Is there pride or shame hidden in these places? What are you hiding in your secret spaces?

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Erin Keane said...

Hmmm... this got me searching and coming up a bit empty handed ;)

Here's my blog response: Hidden Spaces