Sunday, July 24, 2016

JFJ Big Idea Challenge - Day 24: Conflict

What causes some of our daily conflicts? How do we deal with conflicts when they arise in our lives?

Conflict can seem inevitable when two or more people are near each other. We might not like how loud someone is being. We may not like how they act or dress or talk. We might not like their political or religious views. We might just be irritating each other. Conflict can happen with total strangers at a store or on a social media site, and conflict can happen with the ones we love in our own homes. Conflicts can even be much larger than two people, and can involve whole families, groups, or nations. We may even feel conflicted ourselves.

Art is a great way to explore these conflicts, so use your art to look at the notion of conflict today. You may want to examine some personal or political conflicts, or you may want to react to the general idea of conflict.

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