Saturday, July 16, 2016

JFJ Big Idea Challenge - Day 16: Exploration

How can we be explorers in our own lives? How can we bring in more curiosity and find new ideas, places, and things to explore?

It might be part of human nature to explore and seek out new adventures, and we can learn so much about the world and about ourselves. We fly across oceans in search of excitement, and we seek out new experiences in our own neighborhoods. Then sometimes we feel very comfortable sitting on the couch safe at home. Seeking new adventures and exploring new territory can spark our curiosity and lead us to places and experiences that we could never imagine. We don’t have to seek adventure in far off lands. We can be adventurers in the places we live, and we can explore ideas, materials, and technique in the art that we make. Being an explorer is about having a mindset to walk a new or different path.

Take time to be an explorer today. Check out a new place in town, or try something new with your art. Open yourself to curiosity and let yourself explore a new idea, a new material, or a new experience. Go boldly where you have not gone before.

Keep those social media posts coming. It’s always great to see what others are doing. #jfjbigideas or #jfj16

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