Friday, May 6, 2016

Big Face Revisited

I've been working on this 18x24 inch painting in the studio over the last few days, and it's close to being finished. I am quite pleased with how it's turning out.

I used my Golden High Flow Acrylics to build up the background texture, and then I drew the face with my paint markers. I'll share when I finish it up. I'm looking forward to doing more paintings like this.


Unknown said...

is this one for sale. How much do you want for it if so.

Eric said...

Carlton, I added a bit more to this piece since I took this photo, and it is for sale. It's an 18x24 inch piece, and it's for sale for $450.

Unknown said...

sorry i never got an email saying you replied. Its definately worth it but its about 150 out of my price range. i want to start collecting art though so i will keep you in mind. Im currently paying off money i owe at a college but after that i will try to buy a piece of your art.