Thursday, February 18, 2016

Work in Progress

I spent a couple of hours last night beginning some new pieces in the studio using Golden High Flow acrylic to build up layers of color and textures. I built most of the cradles a couple of weeks ago, which I shared in this post. Then I spent a couple of days applying gesso to the cradles (see below), and finally began painting yesterday.

I've been exploring a lot with experimental watercolor techniques lately on small papers, and I wanted to achieve similar effects and textures with acrylic. The thin High Flow acrylic is a perfect for creating layers in a similar fashion as the watercolor.

I plan on building up more layers of paint to create more intense color and richer texture, and once the color is down, I may paint some of my radiating designs or faces. After I finish these, I'll have to kick it into gear to make more for the studio tour.

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