Monday, February 15, 2016

Small Journals

I took advantage of the President's Day holiday, to work in a couple of little journals. They're both 4"x6", and one is a journal that I am sharing with David as part of his tet[R]ad project that he is doing with our good friend Sam Peck. This project is all about one-on-one collaborations and journal exchanges with a number of people. Both Sam and Dave are exchanging journals with over 60 or 70 people. For more info on the project, check out their tumblr site or their Facebook page.

The other journal is a small book that I am keeping just for myself. I just started it this weekend, and I have only drawn and painted in it a little bit. I'm looking at it as place to play and experiment.

I always like working in my regular, 11"x14" journal, but it's nice to work on a different scale. That change can spark new ideas, new themes, and new imagery. The smaller, more intimate space simply feels different, and so the art making that happens in that space is different.

I'll share more from both of these journals as the work progresses.

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