Thursday, June 30, 2011

Challenge #16: Making Personal Space

We all need a bit of personal space – a place that is just for us – a place that we can call our own. It might be a lavish studio or a cabin in the woods. It might be the kitchen table or a big, comfy chair. It might be the backyard or a place in our bag for a journal or book. Whether it is a space with walls or not, whether it is large or small, it is ours – our own little corner of the world.

How do you carve out a chunk of personal space? Where do you go to find space for yourself and your thoughts? How do you recharge and re-energize? What gets in your way of being there? How do you make your personal space? If you haven’t, why not?


P. (Mountain Mama) said...

I LOVE this prompt and cannot wait to see everyone's comments. I just want to find a little corner of the world that is mine and mine alone. thx!

HillaryK44 said...

My bedroom is my favorite place to put on music and create journal pages, read and think. I've spent many hours decorating, re-arranging and making it my very own space. I've put photos and inspirational pieces I've found on the walls. It's my place to relax and recharge. :)

Speck said...

The Visual Journal is that space. Point blank. A good friend of mine talked to me about it like this. I think you can, as some of the previous posts have suggested, find solace within yourself and use the journal as a way to make meditation space or time. Personally, I just moved to Australia and have had to carve out a space for this giant journal of mine within the cramped area I am living which means my studio space gets packed up and unpacked on a daily basis. For me the studio aka journal is my personal space. How ever you want to frame that studio is up to you the maker.

Rafaelópezjr said...

- My spaces (depending on the time of day or day of the week):
- I've found this little haven, hidden away in a nearby park. It's the place where I go when the house of full of guests and events that don't necessarily include me (girls night in). This space is by a bend in the river, under the shade of a few trees.
- My studio at home travels. Sometimes it's in the unfinished basement, where I can play with yellow and white light for photography or sketching. Other times it's on the second floor balcony, in the morning, where the sun is behind the house and I'm surrounded by the coolest shadows and my roof is the endless sky.
- I'm privileged to be studying Art Therapy, which requires lots of studio time, so if I can't be at home making art, there's the paint studio, the ceramics studio, metal-smith, paper making, book-as-art and the short story (unlike this response).
- I feel fortunate, now that I have these places available to me, I'm devoting as much time as possible to creating. This, in turn, is helping me to remain motivated, recharged; it's rejuvenating!

Erin Keane said...

Here is my response: Making Personal Space
Thanks again for the nudge!