Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Started

"How do you start?" is probably the number one question we are asked all the time. But getting started is simple if you have a few basic supplies. Below is a list of the basic materials that we prefer. Some are premium quality and brand matters to us, and others are not so premium and brand doesn't matter as much. Use the materials and brands with which you are comfortable.

We use:
11x14 inch Cachet Hardbound Sketchbooks
Uniball Vision Pens - black, blue, red - waterproof or water-resistant
Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils
Prang Watercolors
UHU Glue Stick - 1.41 oz.
Crayola Marker - yellow
Watersoluble Graphite Pencils
Packaging Tape
Paint brushes

There are other materials that we use, but the above are the basics. Putting them into a pencil pouch or small brush bag is a great way to make it a portable kit, and you can do a lot with these few simple supplies.
I'll cover starting pages with these materials in a later post.


Kris Loya said...

yeahhhh prismacolors!! *pumping fist*
i have a lovehate relationship with gluesticks though,so convenient but i wish they stuck better :( boo.
I've tried the UHU too no dice.
Love your piccy of the supplies its making me drool!!!!!!

Eric said...

I just coat the glue stick thick on the back of the collage item. I use a scrap piece of paper underneath so that I can spread the glue to the edge without it getting on my work surface. UHU is what I use most often, and sometimes things peel up a bit especially if the page gets wet. But, I swear by UHU. I know some people use gel medium or Yes Paste, but both are not as convenient.

Kris Loya said...

i've tried it all (almost) with the gluesticks and continue to use them even if they peel up. I'll try pasting it thicker maybe it might help thanks. There are a ton of interesting newish convenient adhesives available for scrapbooking too which i plan to try out for my journal pages someday. Scrapbooking stuff is designed to stay put for a long time and also be archival quality. Might be worth a gander.
But hey, i'm with u on the gluestick. Not likely to give it up i just hope they come out with a stronger formula someday.

Carolyn said...

Do you gesso your pages before using watercolor, etc? Thanks for the great blog, hoping to get your book someday when I have some cash together.

Peter Gideon said...

That is an interesting use of packaging supplies