Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Job!

I am excited to announce that come December 1, I'll officially be the new Program Manager at the Round Hill Arts Center. Right now I'm doing some work behind the scenes as I learn the ropes and ease into things. It seems a little strange that after 20 years of teaching art in the public schools to have a position that isn't directly linked to public schools, though this new position is all about art and teaching. In my new role, I'll be responsible for scheduling a variety of classes, events, and programs the center has to offer. Not only will I be bringing in some fabulous local artists to teach at the center, but I will also have the opportunity to teach some workshops myself. It's a part-time position which will give me time to work on my art and my own projects, and I'll still be able to travel and offer workshops in a variety of venues.

I'm so excited to start this new adventure, and I think that it will fit in well with what I'm envisioning for myself. So keep a look out for things to come!


Unknown said...

What a great opportunity to have a have a foot in a door of several realms of art! Best wishes for the next adventure!

Eric said...

Thanks, Jennifer.