Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Conferences

The view from the hotel in Naples, FL
This fall has been extremely busy with travel, exhibitions, yard sales, and more, but the biggest thing has been the conferences. Over the past few years, Dave and I have been very fortunate to be able to attend at least two fall art education conferences each year, and this year was no exception.

Working on the keynote for FAEA
October found us in Naples, Florida presenting at the Florida Art Education Association's Conference where we gave a talk about being artists and educators. We even tied in my analogy of teaching being a giant hairball, and aptly enough we titled it The Artist, the Educator, and the Hairball.

Dave giving some directions during our workshop

We also led a hands-on workshop on the visual journal, and had a good group of art educators engaging, reflecting, and creating.

Dave's journal during the FAEA workshop
Later in October, I presented solo at a completely new venue for a completely different audience. I was honored to present at the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Conference in Tysons Corner, VA. At the urging of my wife, who is a licensed veterinary technician, and a good friend, who is a veterinarian, I put in a proposal for using the visual journal as a means to cope with the stress and grief of pet loss. It was nice to present to a different audience on the power of art and the visual journal.

The conference packet and my journal page for the IAAHPC Conference

Dave was able to attend the West Virginia Art Education Association's Fall Conference in Daniels, WV. He presented multiple seminars and hands-on workshops to a new audience of art educators. (Sorry, I don't have any photos.)

A view of the mountains from the town of Breckenridge.
And finally, Dave and I just got back from Breckenridge, Colorado for the Colorado Art Education Association's Fall Conference, where we presented a keynote and two hands-on workshops. We stuck with the same topic that we used in Florida for our keynote, and we presented a workshop on opening up to creativity and one on the visual journal.

Journaling in our room at the CAEA Conference
It's been an awesome month of connection, and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with and inspiring not only art educators, but also folks in the veterinary field. I feel truly at home when I'm sharing my art, myself, and the power of the visual journal, and as a self-employed artist, I am now free to do more of this type of thing. I am truly grateful to everyone responsible for making these events happen, and allowing me to share my journey and my passion.

Workshop participants priming the pump of creativity
If you'd like to share in the journey, make certain to check out all of our upcoming events. If you'd like for us to come to your school, your association, or your studio, please contact us, and we can work out the details. We are always looking for more opportunities to share and connect.

Dave gearing up for our CAEA keynote
Thank you to all the board members and all the membership of the FAEA, IAAHPC, WVAEA, and CAEA for making it all happen.

Keynote selfie

Art teachers just gotta make some art!

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