Monday, August 8, 2016

New Online Shop!

As many of my friends and former colleagues are getting ready to go back or have, in fact, gone back to school already, I have been busy trying to put somethings into place that will allow me to pursue my dream of being a full time artist.

First, I have been working to put together a couple of new workshops which I'm hoping to teach at various places across the country. More on those later.

Second, I have put together an online shop through Big Cartel. I debated between Big Cartel and Easy, but Big Cartel touts itself as the platform for small, independent artists and businesses. Besides they have a sister site that can sell downloadable resources.

I spent part of today putting together the shop. I only have 11 items listed, but I plan to have more by the end of the week, including some downloadable files. I have a few paintings, a few monster selfies, and a few monster polymer clay sculptures. So, check it out and let me know what you think.


Lindsey said...

Congratulations on taking the first step in following your dreams. It takes a brave soul to do that. Not many have it in them. Your artwork is breathtaking; I’m sure you will have absolutely no problem getting sales in the door. The paintings are so unique, keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing this.

Eric said...

Thank you, Lindsey.