Friday, August 12, 2016

Digital Downloads Now Available!

I just updated the Journal Fodder Junkies Shop to include 4 digital downloads for purchase - just in time for a new school year. These are not new, but they are resources we have had available previously. They have been repackaged as digital downloads, so, gone are the bulky CDs, shipping fees, and the emailing of large files. Now you should be able to have instant access to these resources.

They are all .zip files, and you will need to make certain that you have a way to open the file once downloaded, like Stuffit Expander which is a free download. Everything that was included on the old CDs is included in the new digital downloads, which means that some of them are pretty hefty clocking in at over 50MB, so make sure you have a good and fast internet connection.

Scaffolding the Visual Journal is new for purchase online, and was only available previously on CD at the NAEA Convention in Chicago this past March. It has new images and a few new resources, but some of the resources are the same as Visual Journals 101 so you will notice some duplication if you purchase both, but Scaffolding the Visual Journal also includes the 15 for 30 Visual Journal Challenge.

For more details about these resources and what they contain, check out our shop.


Unknown said...

These are amazing!

Eric said...

Thank you, Deidre.