Friday, November 20, 2015

I Believe: First Layer

Today, I began a new two-page spread in my visual journal by responding to the prompt "I believe". This is a staple in the Journal Fodder Junkies prompt arsenal because it can yield a great variety of responses.

Using water-soluble graphite, I wrote across two blank pages until I covered them from top to bottom making certain to press hard and to write big. I then brushed clean water over the writing allowing the graphite to spread and bleed.

Although this technique seems a bit counterintuitive since some of the writing gets obliterated, it is an easy way to get something started on the pages and perhaps establish a theme. Keep in mind that it's not important that you can read what you wrote. It's important that you wrote it.

I'll share more as this spread evolves.

1 comment:

Jenny Petricek said...

Love this technique! Because a lot of my journaling is personal and I'd prefer to keep it private, this is a great way to obscure it and keep it in the background of a page! Will definitely give it a try!