Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cultivating Creativity: Black Friday Sale!

Have you started looking for that perfect gift for yourself or someone creative in your life? Well look no further. The Journal Fodder Junkies are launching their first online workshop January 1, and you can enjoy big savings for the holidays. This one-day sale will happen on Black Friday, November 27, from 8AM to Midnight EST. Plan ahead, so that you can save more than 25% off the regular price. See below for details.

Workshop Title: Cultivating Creativity: Working with Spontaneity and Wonder

Regular Price: $150          Sale Price: $110

Workshop Description: This straight forward workshop is for anyone looking to connect with their creativity, whether you’re a beginner looking for fun ways to begin your creative journey or an experienced maker looking for new direction. Everyone can benefit from inviting a bit of randomness and chaos into their art making as a way of opening up and sparking new ideas, and this self guided course is designed to do just that. It will have you loosening up and looking at the unpredictable and the messy with a sense of possibility and wonder as you begin to purposefully cultivate spontaneous acts in order to set aside your fears of making mistakes and to spark creative leaps in your art.

In this mixed media workshop, you will learn to embrace the surprises that arise from giving up a little control as you give yourself a chance to play and reconnect with your inner child. There are no prescribed outcomes or finished projects, giving you the room to discover and experiment without the fear of doing it wrong. Using a variety of basic materials, you will discover how unintentional marks and creative accidents can open you to the beauty of imperfections and break you out of your comfort zone. You will learn to use unconventional and unpredictable techniques, like dripping paint, dragging string, and bleeding marker, to jolt yourself into new artistic directions. These creative beginnings will have you embracing the messier and more chaotic side of life and art making.

What You Get for the Price:

  • 100+ minutes of HD video instruction that explore more than 40 techniques
  • 40+ pages of instruction with high resolution photographs and step-by-step instructions
  • 10+ pages of printable fodder and inspiration that include creative inspiration cards, collage sheets, and technique cheat sheets
  • Private forums and discussions to share with fellow classmates
Stay tuned for more information.

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