Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Fodder

I'm at it again - giving away stuff. This time, it's a free, hi-res PDF download of Permission and Initiative Prints and Cards that I have worked on recently. I showed a sneak peek of the Permission piece in my Mixed Media Fun post, and shared the images in my Permission and Initiative post.

The image below shows a quick peek at the 5-page document.

The download includes two 8"x10" prints, four 4"x6" cards, and eight 2"x3.5" business-sized cards. The two sheets of 4x6s and 2x3.5s are meant to print back-to-back so that you can have double-sided cards.

So, give yourself the gift of Permission and Initiative. Download the file by clicking here, print them on card stock or photo paper, and have fun.

Hang 'em up, glue 'em in your journal, or laminate 'em so you can always be reminded that you have both permission and initiative to create. You never have to wait around for someone to say so.

You can check out other free downloads that I have on the JFJ site by going here.



Rose said...

Thanks Eric, it's very generous of you to share!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this.
Ever since picking up your books I've been inspired to play with art again. You've also inspired me to take up my passion and teach art journal classes. I have a few questions to ask of you both. First, may i print this and share with my class along with the web address? Also, I have a blog: and was wondering if you would do me the honor of either guest blogging or doing an interview. I am doing a month long theme of books and would like to include your books as ones that inspired me. Please let me know. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas and sharing of your talent. They are greatly appreciated.

Eric said...


I am glad that we have been an inspiration.

Please share the permission and initiative pdf with as many people as you like, and I greatly appreciate you sharing the web address as well. I would love to do a guest post or an interview. Please let me know what you need.

Thank you being a part of our journey.

Unknown said...

These are a great idea! I am playing around with a non-permission slip because my whole life I have felt like I need permission. The initiative one is taped to my monitor.