Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge

The Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge begins today!

Almost four years ago I started this blog with little idea of how I would use it, and where it would go. But for the past four years, I have tried to share ideas, techniques, and my thoughts in hopes to inspire others – in hopes to have some impact on the world. The comments, feedback, and emails that I have received have been constant encouragement, and with the release of The Journal Junkies Workshop, I have seen the impact grow and spread to a humbling degree.

Yet, I have constantly wished to do more – to share more ideas, more insight – to make this little blog a source of constant inspiration. But it can be a daunting task to keep up with taking and posting images, writing and editing posts, and in just keeping up with all of the little things that go along with such a venture. But if I want this endeavor to be a priority, I must (to paraphrase my own rules) show up, sit down, and work. I do want this endeavor to grow, and so I am making a new commitment to this space that I have carved out, and so the Journal Fodder Junkies blog is going through a transformation as I look to deepen the journey, and look to reach further out into the world.

Dave and I have recently starting working on a new book, and through the process I have been hit by the realization that our approach to the visual journal is all about the Everyday. Our journals are imbued with the ordinariness of our everyday lives, and I want to share more of that with the readers of this blog and to make this blog much more of a community.

With the encouragement of a girl nicknamed Bean, I am preparing this space to enter a new phase. Beginning today, I am posting a challenge to all the readers of this blog to actively journal along with me over the following weeks and hopefully months and to spread the power and love of the visual journal. As a result of this challenge, I am publicly committing to myself to engage this space at a much higher level.

So, it is my pleasure to announce the beginning of the official Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge. Similar to Illustration Friday and the countless sketchbook and art journal challenges out there, the Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge will be a weekly challenge to myself and readers to journal and to share. I am hoping that you will come along with me as I start this new adventure.

All weekly topics will be posted here and archived on the Challenge page. If you wish to participate, simply create a response, post an image on your blog, website, or photo sharing site and share a link in the comments of the topic post.

I will be posting the first weeks challenge later today. Please see the the Challenge page for more information.


donna said...

I'm in! I've never art journaled before so mine will be a meager beginner's offerings but I've been wanting to get started and this is the stimulus I needed

Eric said...

Yeah, Donna! Glad that you are in, and try not to worry about your "meager beginnings". It's all about the process. I'll be posting the first challenge this afternoon or early evening.

Wendy said...

WooHoo! Your book got me kicked back into gear. I love art journaling but it has been a long time since I have done it. You guys have inspired me to just right back in. Thanks for doing the challenge!

Haley said...

I saw your book today while I was at work (I work at Michael's). I've been creating collage journals for years and I was ecstatic when I found out about you guys! I don't write, but I draw and whatnot. I may be in for the challengs :)

Anonymous said...

Very excited about the JFJ Challenge... although I'm very behind already. It's intimidating enough to start, and then to start behind... ack!
But I really want to participate, so I'm going to dive right in the middle.
I need this.
Thanks for what your doing.
Keep up the great work!!