Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Challenge #4: Pivotal People

We all have people who have profoundly affected us, mentored us, or inspired us. There are those people who have challenged us and pushed us. This may have been in a positive or negative way, but their influence has been key in steering us in our lives.

Who in your life has influenced you strongly? What did they say to you? What do they represent? What has been the impact in your life, and how did the direction of your life path change?

Recognize those that have had a profound effect on you.


Anonymous said...

A very pivotal person in my life is Orly Avineri. She is the one person who pushes me in my art and my journaling.

Erin Keane said...

The points of a star have the ability to pivot 360 degrees, continuously turning and changing...

"Gravity--all it takes is a little push..."


Eric said...

Trying to post an active link to my response.

Pivotal People

Anonymous said...

Better late than never right?