Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old Page

I came across this journal page image as I was looking for something new to post. It is from my second journal, and must be seven or eight years old, but I find it amazing that I am still working with imagery like this. The curves and swirls were originally inspired by Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, and I have been revisiting these elegant forms on an off in my journal and in my art ever since. Like many artists, I tend to fall back on old and comfortable imagery, especially when I am doodling in my journal. I guess the swirls are one of my "things".

Besides the imagery, I like the fact that this page is pretty much one medium - except for the collaged raffle ticket and coffee stain. There is something refreshing about this more minimalist approach compared to my more normal mixed-media approach. It's nice to limit the media and the imagery.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Mmmmm! Makes me think of lollipops!!!

Judy Shea said...


Brian K said...

OH this is so nice! Very inspirational!

Coffee Messiah said...

Although making collage's for years, I am just now getting into this for the 1st time.

Your book (as seen on Seth's Altered Page) has been noted and will come back and peruse your blog when more time allows!


HeARTworks said...

Hello from the Philippines, Eric! I so enjoyed my visit to your blog, have been wandering around and getting inspired by your new and old posts. Congratulations on your book. If I see it here in any of our bookstores, I'll tell you! Patsy from

Marit said...

I found your blog through Seth (the altered page) and WOW, am I lucky finding this place!!! First thing I see... an awesome page with "Mucha like" swirls... I just finished a lesson for my online art journal workshop about Jugendstil (art nouveau) and Alfons Mucha... what you show here is what I like my students to come up with... and you did it as a little boy! Amazing! Your blog is on my list from now on, so see you!!!