Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Old Artwork

As an art educator of more than 12 years, I always have lots of demo samples around that I begin and work on with my students when I share new projects with them. Often these samples lie around in a cabinet where sometimes I pull them out in later years to show students. But more often than not, they stay in their cabinet. Occasionally, I purge the artwork and use it as journal fodder. This page was done in Journal #2 (quite a few years ago) using several portraits that I had created from demonstrations on proportion. I cut the drawings apart and recombined pieces to create something new. I need to do more of this.


Anonymous said...

Hi...I like what I've seen here. I will definitely purchase your book when it comes out. I like your's the look I'm striving for...I am new with collage, you have the layer look going on that I'm trying to learn. I will add you to my list of creative blogs.

Anonymous said...

hey there...just blog hopping and came across wt ur quite impressed wt ur an art teacher but i still consider myself new and still need more to learn..... im currently doing scrapbooking n journalling as well...anyway feel free to visit our blog or my personal art blog :

btw..i hope u dun mind us link ur blog in our list?

aimee said...

hi, eric - i've lurked here from time to time so thought i'd jump out and say hello. i saw your work around the same time in both art & life and go flying turtle, and just wanted to say how much i've enjoyed your expressive and thought-provoking journal pages. wonderful!