Friday, September 26, 2008

Illustration Friday - Packed

After months of thinking about using Illustration Friday as inspiration for journal pages, I have finally been able to use one of the topics to complete a page. As I began to think about the word "packed," I first thought of having a page packed with stuff, and then as I worked on it evolved into a representation of how my days have become so packed with things to do, that I have to write it all down just to remember it all, and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. And that point was driven home when fellow Journal Fodder Junkie, Dave, reiterated the same thing today when he told me how his days are nothing but running. He said that he felt like he started running the moment that he got up to the moment that he went to bed. Just constant running without feeling like anything gets done - without getting anywhere.

So this packed journal page is my first foray into IF. I hope that it is the first of many.


marina said...

wow! awesome and beautiful.
J'aime bcp le visage bleu mais..tout est bien, l'ensemble.
Wonderful piece of art!

Tessa said...

I also hope that this illo is the first of many! I could gaze and this one for hours and still see something new. Beautiful art.

INDIGENE said...

This is fantastic! I love the color, texture, theme and quality of the imagery! Bravo!

Regina said...

This is a phenomenal page! My journal pages are so much less complex (or should I say, packed...) Please keep submitting!

steve said...

Woot! Way to go Eric! I think I may recall seeing this one in its previous incarnation. I'm so glad you decided to participate. More people should see your work.

Eric said...


Thanks for the comments. I'm going to try to make an effort to do something each week. I've been neglecting the journal lately, and sitting down and working for hours in it was sheer bliss.

And, Steve, I don't think that you had seen this before. It's a completely new page. The only marks before Friday were the black lines in the background, and even they were done in the last few weeks. But the colors, lines, images, and such are all similar to things I have done before, so this page is similar to ones in the past.

Thanks again for all the encouragement.