Monday, April 21, 2008

New Scans of Old Books

It's a goal of mine to scan in good pages from all of my journals, so recently, I began scanning in pages from my first visual journal. I had kept sketchbooks for years and had filled two large hard-bound sketchbooks with pencil and pen sketches. Once I was introduced to the visual journal idea, I began transforming the sketchbook I was working in at the time into more of a visual journal. Below are some scans from Visual Journal #1.
There are many things that I like about these early pages - ideas, concepts, techniques - that I seem to have gotten away from over the years. I need to study them more, and bring back some of those things.

Of course being my first visual journal, there's a lot of unfinished pages that I did not scan. Also, since I was still heavy into sketching and drawing, there's a lot of that in there as well. But even the sketches and observational drawings document my life. The above drawing was drawn in a local Starbucks. I actually would like to include more observational drawing in my current journals.

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steve said...

Great post and superb work here Eric!