Thursday, June 7, 2007

Encountering the Blank Page: Part 4

Another way to encounter a blank page with low anxiety is through page alteration. This is just simply the manipulation of the page in various ways. Below are just a few ways to physically alter a page before journaling on it.

The simplest page alteration is folding a page. A simple fold creates instant interactivity because everyone will want to see what is behind the fold. Folds are good for “hiding” things, making areas of surprise, and bringing another level to the journal

Tear and Cut. Tearing and cutting the edges of pages creates interesting interactions between pages. A series of torn or cut pages can be visually and psychologically interesting.

Burning the edges of pages with a candle or lighter is another way to alter a page. Always be careful when using flames. You do not want to set your journal or your workspace on fire.

Doors, Windows, and Holes. Just as with a fold, a door adds instant interactivity because everyone will open it and look. A door can simply be a folded page or a blank card glued to a page. A door can be cut into a page so that it reveals something of another page. Or a door can be quickly made from a single piece of paper using a hobby or utility knife. Windows and holes in pages give a glimpse into other pages and create relationships between pages. Using a hobby or utility knife and cutting mat, you can quickly cut holes and windows in pages without cutting into other pages.

Pop-ups. Pop-ups create areas of surprise and fun. Simple pop-ups can be created with folded paper. There are many wonderful resources that can help in learning how to create pop-ups. One of the best is The Elements of Pop-Up by David A. Carter and James Diaz.

With the above journal spread a fold and a cut window were made in the same page.

Fold - Notice the hard line where the white touches the blue. This page has been folded in half. It even divides the letter "N" in the word "FIND".

Cut - This mask-like image is actually on the back of the folded page. A window has been cut to show it. Strips from a map frame the window.

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