Friday, February 3, 2017

Journal Friday #1

For the past month, I have been trying to work in my journal on a daily basis and post about what I have done on the blog and on social media. I must say that I am pretty proud that I have kept it up for 34 days now, and I hope to keep working in my journal daily for as long as I can. But I won’t be sharing daily from now on. As not to bombard your social media feeds with daily in progress journal pages, I am going to begin sharing on a weekly basis. When I taught high school art, I had Journal Fridays where I would share something with my students, and allow them an entire class period to work in their journals. It was the only day where students worked all period and did not clean up early.

So, I’m going to implement Journal Fridays here on the blog, where I plan to share the things that I have done in my journal throughout the week, and if you want to join in and try some of those things, great. From now on you will be able to catch what I've been up to in my journal every Friday instead of everyday.

And if you started to add things up, you may have suspected that the pages and ideas that I have shared over the past month are related to the new book that I’ve been working on since October, and you would be correct. I have been using a different challenge each day to guide my work in the journal. It’s been fun to focus on just one thing each day, but of course, there have been many days when I have done additional work in the journal. That’s the beauty of working with daily challenges, they spark new ideas and new directions.

Unfortunately, work on the book hasn’t been going as quickly as I had originally envisioned. It’s absolutely amazing how many things can get in the way, and my attention is easily diverted by the other projects and work that I have to do. I was really hoping to have things wrapped up and have the book published by the first of March, but that’s just not going to happen. I’ve written two hundred of the 365 challenges, but there’s still the matter of designing the book. I’m now looking at the summer or fall. I will keep things updated here on the blog and on social media. Until then, please follow along as my new weekly feature Journal Friday!


Unknown said...

Great work sticking to the daily posts. Its been nice to see the results posted daily.

Eric said...

Thank you, Jennifer.