Saturday, January 25, 2014

All 1 Process: An Exhibition by David Modler

Dave just finished installing an exhibit at Shepherd University's Phaze 2 gallery on the first floor of the new Center for Contemporary Arts. An opening reception and artist talk will be held this Monday, January 27, 2014, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. 

According to a Shepherd Media release: "The site-responsive exhibition features new and reworked paintings that explore the effects of location on the context of studio practice. The content bids to confront the formal and conceptual boundary issues, multiple layers, and complex patterns that saturate the artist's everyday life. Dealing with these self-created and imposed boundaries can define one's space like a map, encompass like a web, and contain like a matrix." See more here.

Dave's exhibit consumes you as you enter since it runs from floor to ceiling. It centers around seven main paintings with smaller paintings hanging throughout the space. Some elements are directly pinned or painted on the walls. It's almost visual overload as you circle the gallery and try to take in all the symbols, patterns, and imagery. Dave has included four journals for viewers to flip through with the hope that they will begin to see the connection the journals have to the larger work and vice versa.

If you can't make the opening night, the exhibit runs for the next two weeks. If you are in the area, try to stop by the show.


steve said...

This looks awesome. Too bad the reception is on a Monday evening. Still, I'd like to try to make this. Great post!

Rachel Mims said...

looks great! Wish I could see it in person!!