Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Challenge #40: Meditation

That should be "Meditation"

How are you reconnecting with yourself?

With quiet contemplation and reflection, you put things into perspective and figure out what is important. We get so wrapped up in life that we are pulled from self reflection. Meditation, whether formal or mere quiet time to ourselves, provides us with a way to reconnect with ourselves. Find the time to sit in quiet meditation or reflection. Perhaps set up a time early in the morning or right before bed where you can build a routine for peaceful introspection. Get in touch with yourself and your thoughts.

What elements are most conducive to quiet contemplation for you? Where can you go to get in touch with yourself? How can you find the time, the place, and the environment? How can you commit yourself to this alone time?

Thanks to Gemma for pointing out my glaring spelling mistake. How did I miss that one?


Gemma said...

I love you guys and think your stuff is fab and I love the idea behind this one. But your title there says mediation - not meditation. Is this intentional?!

Eric said...

That is definitely a mistake and not intentional. The two halves of my brain weren't working together on this one. It should be "Meditation".

Erin Keane said...

It's always the right time to bring yourself back to centered! Here is my blog response: Centered