Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Challenge #34: Twilight Imagery

What are you focusing on and trying to bring into symbolic form?

Often it is difficult to find and select the symbols that most represent us and the changing conditions of our lives, but using a technique that allows you to tap into the symbolic nature of the unconscious is a place to start. Developed by Ira Progoff for his Intensive Journal Workshop, Twilight Imagery is a state between waking and sleeping that allows you to quiet your mind as your unconsciousness directs the imagery and symbology.

Sit in a quiet space, and close your eyes allowing yourself to slowly relax into the stillness. Focus on one aspect of yourself or your life. Perhaps it is a dream or a fear. Perhaps it is your job or your personality. Try to feel that aspect with your whole being, but don’t try to control or direct your thoughts. Allow the general sense of this concern to pervade you as dreamlike images and ideas begin to float and form. When an idea is formed enough to be identified, record what you “see” in your journal or on a piece of paper. Don’t elaborate. Get just the essentials. Close your eyes and return to that state, and keep recording your visions.

What emerges from your twilight imagery? What forms, scenarios, and emotions are stirred? How can you use these as symbolic forms for you and your life?

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Erin Keane said...

I love this prompt. But it did make me sleepy! Here's my (unfinished) journal response:
Twilight Imagery