Monday, May 9, 2011

Paper Relief

I've been slowly working on new art to get ready for June's Studio Tour. I want to have a variety of pieces for visitors to peruse and hopefully buy, but it has been slow working. Things are extremely busy, but I have found some time here and there to make some smaller pieces which I will be sharing soon.

One piece that I do want to share is an 11"x14" piece (pictured above in process) that I worked on during my Spring Break a couple of weeks ago. Ever since making my first Excavation painting (pictured below) that used paper relief as a structure on which to paint, I've been fascinated by the process, but I haven't had much time to make many of them. With the time over break, I finished the relief part using different materials than I've used before. I used Strathmore Imperial 500 hot press watercolor paper and Golden Matte Soft Gel Medium to create the relief. Both the paper and medium resulted in a smoother surface that I am hoping will work better when I begin applying the acrylic paint. The next step is to lay in the basic colors with glazes of paint. I'll post updates as the piece progresses.


Sharon said...

Love it! You are too talented!

Erin Keane said...

The finished product, of course, is AMAZING, but even the beginning stage would make a cool collograph or texture rubbing in your journal!

Eric said...

Erin, I'm getting ready to do a printmaking unit with my students, and I'm going to take your idea about using it as a collograph - not the one pictured, but a small 4x6 one that's been sitting around the studio for a while.

sketchbob said...

These are nice pieces. I'm not sure from your post whether the top image (just the paper) is a finished piece or just the dimensional buildout for a color painting. I'm hoping it's the former! I like the active surface made by the layered shapes played off against the subtlety of the all-white palette. It's like some sort of Futurist-Malevich mash up. I also like the dimensional character of the color image. Nicely done.

-Bob (