Friday, April 15, 2011

Challenge #7: Chaos and Order

Life can come fast at times creating a lot of action, turmoil, upheaval, and chaos. The to-do list gets long, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. For some people, the day is scheduled, compartmentalized, and structured. For others, the day is spontaneous, freeform, and perhaps tumbled together.

How do you deal with order and chaos in your life? Are you structured or spontaneous? Are you balanced somewhere in between the extremes? How do you react when things do not go according to plan? How does it feel when things go just as planned?

Reflect on your tolerance for chaos and your threshold for order, and create a response that echoes the role that each plays in your life. Do you make order out of chaos or chaos from order?

Don’t forget to share a link to your response in the comments.


Jenny Petricek said...

I spend most of my days working with at-risk teenagers, and most days, there is chaos galore...and it can be overwhelming at times. Here's a link to the cathartic page I created in response to the chaos in my workspace:


Erin Keane said...

Eric, take a wild guess as to which I preferred--CHAOS or ORDER?

Chaos and Order