Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watercolor Salt and Free Downloads

This is the latest video tutorial that I have uploaded to YouTube. It demonstrates how to use salt and rubbing alcohol to create textures in watercolor paint.

Also, our publisher F+W Media has created a new mixed-media website called Create Mixed Media the have posted many free PDF downloads from some of their books including ours. Check it out. I'm sure you will find a lot of goodies to inspire your creative endeavors. Specially check out the two free downloads from our book. The first download is all about page alteration, and second is all about writing.


Rachel said...

Hey, Eric, I'm Dave's friend Rachel (wife of Tony). This year I am homeschooling the kiddies and will be visiting your site often for this next bit of our curriculum. These videos rock! Thanks!

Sharon said...

Eric, You hit anotherr out of the park. I love your book and techniques. Please keep them coming.

sketchbob said...

Hi Eric,

These are great little videos. I'm curious how you made them. Did you record the voiceover as you did the demonstration, or as part of the editing process later? The sound is very clean; did you have a separate mic?

Bob (from sketchbob.com)

Eric said...

Thanks for the comments. I plan on doing all my basic demos for school. With the big classes that I have, it'll be easier to project the videos on the board instead of having the kids gather around.

Bob, as for shooting these. I used a Flip Video camera. I rigged up an arm on my tripod so that the camera was looking straight down onto the table. The camera was right above my head, so the mic was only a foot or two away. I also did these in my home studio with the door shut so that the sound would be better.