Thursday, April 9, 2009


It has been nearly a month since I've had the time to sit down and formulate a post. For the entire month of March, I was entrenched with completing my National Boards Portfolio. For those non-educators, National Boards is a rigorous certification program that educators voluntarily put themselves through as a way to demonstrate that they are highly qualified. Don't let the word portfolio fool you either. It is a copious amount of very specific writing that analyzes and reflects upon your teaching practice. But the portfolio is finished, and now I just have to complete one more part by mid June and wait for the results.

But time does pass so quickly, and Dave is finishing up his 3-year MFA program at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. His MFA exhibit wraps up tomorrow, and he defends his thesis today. In a month he'll graduate. Time flies...

Last Friday, I was able to make it to the exhibit's opening reception at Sawhill Gallery in Duke Hall at JMU. Titled Transitional Markers, the show features work made predominantly over the last year and a half and covers nearly every inch of the gallery. Created primarily of acrylic paint on paper, cardboard, and canvas, the work wraps around the gallery and consumes the viewer. Below is a photograph of Dave standing in the gallery with his journal in tow.

In the photograph above, Dave explains his work to his dad John who came down with his mom and grandmother for the opening.

In the photo above Sam (on left) and Brian (on right) discuss art, life and teaching. Sam is a current MFA student from Greensboro, NC and a former art educator we met a year ago at NCCAT. Brian is my colleague at the high school where I teach and a friend of Dave's. All the photos below depict the exhibit in 360 fashion. I photographed the show using a tripod in the middle of the gallery snapping off eight photos to document the exhibition.

It has been amazing to see the work that Dave has produced over the last three years. He is such a source of inspiration for me, and I am glad that I had the chance to witness the journey. He has definitely created an incredible body of work.


tgarrett said...

Eric- is that so you are certified in the whole country? It always bothered me that when you wanted to go to another state to teach is was never smooth. Al the states have their own requirements. Thanks for the pics of Dave's show as well!

Eric said...

I wish National Boards met nationally certified. But even if you are National Board certified, you still have to get certified in each individual state. I'm not certain, but I think National Boards makes the process of getting certified in certain states easier - less hoops to jump through.

Speck said...

The show was great and it was great to see you guys! Its always good to see your thoughts. I've got my finders crossed about the national Boards, let me know know when you know. Glad to hear Dave is so close to the finish line as well. Congrats again and keep it real!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.