Friday, November 21, 2008

IF - Opinion

After a couple of busy weeks, I was able to work on an IF topic. This two-page spread began with some brainstorming on the word "opinion" which led me to reflect on beliefs. After writing about connection (a topic that has much been on my mind lately), I began working on these pages that already had some map-like imagery. Slowly I built up layers of watercolor pencil, graphite, acrylic paint, and paint marker. I even traced several of my students' hands.

Like many of my IF pages, this one bears little resemblance to the topic. But as I reflected, I wrote about how many people do not believe that we are all connected. They feel that they are truly individuals isolated from others and that actions have little bearing on others. Many people in essence are rather egocentric and find it difficult to empathize with others.

We, as a human race, at times find it much easier to fall in on ourselves rather than to reveal ourselves to others. What a sad world when we cannot feel that connection to others - when we are so scared, even when surrounded by people, that we cannot and will not reach out to others.


Anonymous said...

I love this. I actually love the whole concept of this blog. When I was in first year art college we had to have a journal for every course. The process was amazing. The stuff that came out was amazing. I never have been able to get back to keeping a journal like that again. Not really.

Asja said...

wonderful work!
i enjoyed reading your words, too. i do believe we are all connected.

Eric said...

Thank you for your kind words. I want this to be a place not to only share my art, thoughts, and words, but a place to inspire others and to connect with others.

The journal has helped me change and grow as a person. It has allowed me to discover and explore the ideas, concepts, and images that are important to me. I see the visual journal as an important tool for life not just for art, and life is all about connection.

steve said...

Hi Eric!,

Fine work here - the layers of media add lots of dimension. Your words ring true with me as well, and it's interesting, because I recently read some article about how we're entering an age of "outrospection" rather than introspection (something the writers considered a "nineties" phase, with the onslaught of self-help books and whatnot). I think the two go hand-in-hand and there should always be a sort of balance. I'd imagine we'd all live in a better world if people learned to put down their weapons and picked up some sketchbppks, paintbrushes, pencils, markers, etc, and learned how to communicate in a constructive, peaceful and fulfilling manner.

tgarrett said...

I have enjoyed your posts. I like that you share your thoughts and your art Eric. I was wondering how your book is coming along? Thanks for the time you take in sharing on your blog.