Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Filling Space

As I continue scanning some of my earlier journals, I am often struck by how empty some of the pages feel. I hadn't really gotten into the type of layering that I do now, and I was much more linear in my way of working. As I was scanning, I even skipped many pages that just were not complete, and I only scanned pages that felt rather developed.
These are three scans from journal number 2 including the cover. Both two-page spreads here are very light - very high key. Although the space is pretty much filled from edge to edge, they still feel rather empty - rather simplistic.
Now I tend to work and rework pages jumping around in my journal adding random things. I tend to go back and fill the space more, and I add more and more layers creating richer and richer documents. But to be honest, I don't know if one is better than the other. There's something that I like about the simplicity.

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steve said...

Embrace the space Eric! I think knowing when to stop is the most difficult thing in art, and I also think it's really a matter of opinion, as far as what the viewer, and artist prefers (concerning space vs lack of space in work).

I see Grand Buffet in the upper left, Einstein in the middle, Lake Trout at the bottom--now that's a cover!