Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excavations: Artwork by Eric M. Scott

This past weekend I hung my first one-man show at the Elliott University Center Gallery at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The opening reception will be Friday, January 29 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM, and the work will be up until the end of February.

This wall contains newer pieces from the Excavation Series that I have been most recently working on.

This wall contains the older Vortex Series which could be said to be the forerunner of the Excavation pieces.

This wall contains some older and newer mixed media pieces. A different view of the same wall is below.

This small wall contains more Excavation pieces.

It was a lot of work getting the work ready, but the show looks great, and it's exciting to see my work hanging.


giddy up said...

I wish I lived close to come see I love you art!

Eva said...

Congrats! It looks awesome!

tgarrett said...

This looks to be a wonderful show Eric! So wish I could see it there.
Be kind to yourself and celebrate!

reagan said...

Everything looks amazing! What a thrill it must be.

steve said...

Wicked man - looks good! Wish I could have made it. Now it's back to the grind tomorrow - ugh.

ELE said...


I wish you would have told me you were in town... I live in Greensboro NC. I will have to run down to UNCG and see your show:) Where are you coming back to take it down?

Hope all is well with you

Speck said...

It was Sick! Thanks for coming down and putting the work up. I am so pumped, great times. Em and I are loving the piece in our hallway. i can't keep my eyes off it. Looking forward to the convention.

Unknown said...

Are these for sale? Do we contact the gallery to purchase and for prices?

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